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Every human being is inherently creative:we don't need to label ourselves as "artists" in order to express ourselves. We can learn to view our lives as a painter views a blank canvas: full of potential and possibility. We can decorate our existence with the thriving beauty of our hearts and souls.

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Meet Morgan

Morgan Zelmer is the founder of Art Form Yoga, a creation birthed from the union of her two passions, art and yoga. Through innovative sessions, workshops, and events, she teaches how to tap into the limitless creativity and abundance within by blending traditional yogic practices with various creative mediums of expression.

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"Morgan is amazing! When it comes to yoga and spirituality, she is definitely the real deal. I had the pleasure of meeting her during a yoga teacher training class, and was very impressed by her authenticity, positivity, and effortless mastery of the yoga asanas. One can't help but notice her charisma and enthusiasm for yoga, both of which further serve to make her an excellent teacher and role-model. In her practice and teaching, Morgan places a particular emphasis on cultivating creativity as part of the spiritual path. I was very impacted by that, and have been delighted in my own creativity being sparked into life because of her example. I think anybody would benefit from the opportunity to study with Morgan."

- Ben, Software Engineer. Ohio


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The Vision

At its core, Art Form Yoga seeks to combine creativity with conscious action by uniting a multitude of diverse healing modalities and their practitioners. By hosting unique, collaborative events with visionary artists and wellness leaders, attendees are provided an outlet for creative expression like never before. By tapping into the limitless wealth of information and imagination within ourselves and our communion with others, we begin to see ourselves as creators capable of crafting the best possible reality for all. We view life as an artist views a blank canvas, full of potential and possibility. Our explorations into new territories of consciousness together shape the blueprint for the future.

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